Return On Investment

The goals of a custom media program can be measured. Some goals may be to boost brand awareness, increase knowledge of a new corporate entity or respond positively to negative news. Whatever the impetus, if ROI is to be measured, a plan should be agreed upon as to how best to measure it. Some ways include:

  1. Send a baseline survey to a specific demographic assessing knowledge and attitudes, and then perform a follow-up survey of the same demographic after the group has been exposed to the custom content.

  2. Count unique visitors to the custom content website, measuring how long they stay and where they go.

  3. Perform focus group sessions to gauge reader attitudes.

  4. Use database comparisons gleaned from the sponsor's corporate activity. The number of customers within a particular catchment area, for example, might be compared with the number in the same area after having received the customized product.

  5. Conduct telephone surveys of targeted audience members.

Mutually agreeing upon measurable objectives and planning together how to get there are all a part of the process at McMahon Custom Healthcare Communications. There are many ways to gauge ROI, but one aspect that must definitely increase is the return on involvement.

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